Thursday, March 8, 2012


it's true: steel constructions have there own aesthetics, I like it
this video is just a try
...the story starts somewhere else :
first my sweet little camera got blind or short-sighted like this :
( o.k. that can be an option too, but ...)
so I bought a new camera, even smaller and better and I was very pleased with the takes,
not so much my cutting-program that stopped all its activities without telling me took me a while to find out the reason for this strange 'attitude', but meanwhile I understood some about video-files, codecs and these things (and it is also very good for me to read many texts in English, because I really want to learn it
and if they are such interesting descriptions, all the more...)
at the end it was clear, that I had to buy a new program too and's realy good : fast and good-structured, with many possibilities, interesting to discover and fun to learn how to use them.

and actually, all of that only happened, because I have a new small project :   two short videos

music: Fabian Russ, dance: Paolo Fossa & ... tssss ... don't know yet  :-) maybe

next to Duisburg is a site, it must have been a steel-works ore something like that, there we'll meet with Paolo for the takes, I think it'll be interesting ( many steel constructions) ... hopefully inspiring
and I'm looking forward to it

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  1. der frühling hält eintritt und neue projekte auch, wunderbar!