Sunday, April 29, 2012

it's about...

...two years ago as we performed RED in 'Waterfalls' - that special show in the swimming-bath where the premiere couldn't happen, because of a heavy thunderstorm, that we were showing four days later to a very friendly, quite big audience... and only now, maybe three weeks ago, I finally got the footage of this piece that means so much to me... but it makes no difference - long ago or not : it feels like it's been yesterday
...and now since all dances, skirts and what ever else had to be done in the last time are prepared and 'on their way', I'll take some time to make a video : as beautiful as the performance was ...?, that won't work, of course ...  let's say then : I'll try to work out a good video from those partly very beautiful takes :-)

Friday, April 13, 2012

einfach nur gut !

...eine Idee, ein kurzer inhaltlicher Austausch - ohne viele Worte, die gleiche gedankliche Ebene und man ist direkt an dem Punkt, wo so viel Raum und Freiheit ist, dass ganz viel Neues entsteht...
eigentlich kann ich mir nichts Schöneres vorstellen - in jeder Hinsicht ! umso mehr weiß ich es zu schätzen
"du bist nicht der, ..."          Musik: Fabian Russ     Tanz u. Choreographie: Paolo Fossa     Film: Irina Sentjabowa

 so, hier gibt's auch endlich 'was zu sehen  ... es gibt sicher mehr in nächster Zeit :-)

1.April 2012
...and besides I have the great pleasure to develop four other dances for different groups of the school, with beautiful music 
( including one of my favourite classical pieces : Sibelius' Valse triste )   looking forward to it