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Yogaschule Paderborn

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 9.00 -10.30
09.00 - 10.30

09.00 - 10.30
Ashtanga - Yoga

open classes
alle Stunden sind offene Gruppen, Probestunden sind kostenlos und jederzeit möglich
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2010-2013 yoga-teacher-education program
 graduation: Yogamatha -Teacher
 Yogaschule Paderborn

photos : B. Maertens

                                                                                        India  Oktober 2018

practice in the morning sun :)

Inner Peace Conference 2018:  fantastic    ( ...the ticket for next year is booked !)



wisdom, workshops, yoga-classes with Max Storm, Erica Jago, Kevin Sahaj, and many others at the Inner Peace Conference
october 7./8.  2017
two fascinating days in Amsterdam !


Haridwar, March 2016:

that's a pretty asana, isn't it !
it's called ardha baddha padma padangusthasana


and you see:
this young and well-dressed yogi knows to do it very well, but what makes his special variation of it really extraordinary are the movements with the arms and the full turn around oneself !  tja...
now, dear friends, now you know how it works:
to make sure to stay in a good shape for the future, learn to do this asana and practice it every day
good luck !   :) :)


     ...again in the mountains : Himalaya April 2014





15.Feb.2014               Melanie Waschke   Vipassana Meditation  
...suddenly all was so clear, so natural ... this workshop was as light and colourful as a butterfly and at the same time full of interesting information, perception, awareness and the recognition how everything works together (brain, feelings, conditions) and how we can look at it...
a wonderful access to the large field of Meditation                           Thank you Melanie !!! ______________________________________________________________________________

 Yoga Fundamentals Workshops 2013 : Vincent Pezet

Anusara - Yoga Workshop with Jayendra Hanley in Brussels / January 2013

Dr. Jacques Vigne :

"there is a Zen proverb which says that...
when you open the eyes the dream try to feel, there is a truth in it"

Meditation Seminar, 3./4. & 9.-11. November 2012  Yogaschule PB
February 2012 if the sun comes inside of you : opening, warming and rising so much energy that I want to share it :-)
last saturday I went to an Anusara-workshop : oh, I want to learn more, more's so beautiful !!

trip to India October 2012

 Ganges in Haridwar

meditation, philosophy, practice, history of Yoga

visits: Shivananda Ashram Rishikesh, Jain-Temple Haridwar,Mataa Anandamayee Ashram & Daksh Prajapati Temple Complex Kankhal
practice: Hatha Yoga with Surinder Singh in Rishikesh, Ashtanga Yoga class
sunrise in the Himalaya

guests from India :  swami Mangalananda and swami Gurusharananda
june 2012
from Ma Anandamayi Ashram in Omkareshwar giving a very interesting bhakti workshop and bhajan concert for the benefit of their school


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