Sunday, July 29, 2012


on the roof of the opera

Oslo, what a city ! for me the most impressing I've ever seen
 in the sea, on the sea, surrounded by water and hills, old and new and so different...

see more about my trip to scandinavia if you want :-)

11.Juli 2012 :
 one week for me and no projects, except one: to see something I haven't seen bevore...hhhm... : Scandinavia ! have never been there, now I'll take the chance to discover it's beauty, maybe...don't know where exactly I'll go, it's all open...I just want to stay where I like it and leave if I want to see something else, that's it  :-)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

василёк - vasilyok

I don't know why it's called like that or which Basilius or Vassili it was who gave it this pretty name
...I just know, when ever I see cornflowers I realize that I like them very much : mainly because of their unmistakable color and also maybe because they remind me so much to my childhood and summer ...summer in the Ural : dry and very warming :-)
here in this part of Europe summer is different : not that warm, not that steady
...but I do not want to say something or complain...this year the smell of summer is in the air !