dance is the only language where I always find the right words to express what I feel


TELOS Stuttgart 12/'92


-education / examination :  Palucca School Dresden
 improvisation-classes with Gret Palucca
-contracts: in several theater dance companies in Germany
 e.g. Leipzig Opera House ( directed by D. Seyffert )
-freelance dancer since 1993 / teacher for ballet, modern, improvisation

more details
choreographie / dance-projects

performance and improvisation / projects with musicians and artists

URI DHAI by Heinz H.R.Decker / Waiblingen Marktplatz

musicanddance 301 amsterdam 2018
...again a beautiful performance in the ongoing  very inspiring and enriching collaboration with Robbert von Hulzen

museumsnacht 4 from Irina Sentjabowa on Vimeo.
museumsnacht august 2016 with Gaëtan Chailly and Robbert van Hulzen

performance at the opening of the art museum 'Marstall' Schloß Neuhaus   june 2016

exhibition with artworks by Kurt Rehm
music: Robbert van Hulzen
dance: my humble self :)

"unmasking space" a project by Paul Estabrook 2010
music: Michael Vecer, Felicity Provan, light: Emese Cornai / dancers as 2009
"contemporary fusion" by Paul Estabrook 2009
music: Robbert van Hulzen, Alfredo Genovesi
dance: Louisa Rasik, Irina Sentjabowa, Paolo Fossa, Paul Estabrook & stundents

"JUSTLETITCOMEBEANDGO" a serie of improvisation-shows with Paul Estabrook PB 2003-2008

JUSTLETITCOMEBEANDGO from Irina Sentjabowa on Vimeo.


2008 as well with 
Paolo Fossa   

"FUSION 100 plus 1" conception: Heinz H.R. Decker, music: Otto Kränzler 2000
"Contact: 1/Given"  by Paul Estabrook 1997
"Edith Södergran" LTTübingen 1997
collaboration with Alexander Frangenheim 1994-1996
-shows in Nürtingen, Konstanz, Radolfzell, Tübingen & Stuttgart
"URI DHAI" performance by Heinz H.R.Decker 1992-93