Sunday, March 25, 2012

Licht und Schatten

...very different from 'Mira' (where I was realy telling a story), these videos are quite abstract :
following the feeling that's engendered by the music and the light-shadow-idea I try to find uncommon, impressive pictures and view points to connect them with the music; the idea is to make several versions ( step by step I work on them now ), to select the best and send it to a competition...have never done something like that, so why not
...but actually thats not important at all, it gives me just a bit of a push to do it now... important is the whole process : to learn how this program works, where I have to think three-demensional in a way and to play with varied possibilities...exciting :-)

Monday, March 12, 2012


das ist die Kama : 
eigentlich ein ganz normaler Fluss nur halt in anderen Dimensionen, wie so vieles in Russland

hatte den post versehentlich gelöscht, inzwischen aber noch einiges geschrieben, wer also mehr sehen und lesen möchte ... bitte

Thursday, March 8, 2012


it's true: steel constructions have there own aesthetics, I like it
this video is just a try
...the story starts somewhere else :
first my sweet little camera got blind or short-sighted like this :
( o.k. that can be an option too, but ...)
so I bought a new camera, even smaller and better and I was very pleased with the takes,
not so much my cutting-program that stopped all its activities without telling me took me a while to find out the reason for this strange 'attitude', but meanwhile I understood some about video-files, codecs and these things (and it is also very good for me to read many texts in English, because I really want to learn it
and if they are such interesting descriptions, all the more...)
at the end it was clear, that I had to buy a new program too and's realy good : fast and good-structured, with many possibilities, interesting to discover and fun to learn how to use them.

and actually, all of that only happened, because I have a new small project :   two short videos

music: Fabian Russ, dance: Paolo Fossa & ... tssss ... don't know yet  :-) maybe

next to Duisburg is a site, it must have been a steel-works ore something like that, there we'll meet with Paolo for the takes, I think it'll be interesting ( many steel constructions) ... hopefully inspiring
and I'm looking forward to it